Bespoke Infused-Comfort Sweaters

Aleah Wares understands that everyone has their own story and their own custom needs. Get in touch with a representative from Aleah Wares to discuss how we can accommodate our Infused Comfort Sweater to your treatment plan. We will work with you to determine size, material, & closures to ensure comfort through your bespoke sweater. 

Our Bespoke Sweater Includes Choices of:  

-Velcro® closures, magnetic closures, & button closures

-Closures on only one side of the sweater (to accommodate a pre-placed picc line or port) 

-Embroidery of a name/phrase 

-Fabric choice (design, material, etc.)

Examples of other requests include:

-Pockets specially sized for: reading glasses, an epipen, etc.

-Tailoring of products to customer measurements for a more fitted look


For further questions regarding bespoke orders please email and an Aleah Wares representative will be in touch.