Badass Blue- Infused Comfort Sweater
Badass Blue- Infused Comfort Sweater
Aleah Wares

Badass Blue- Infused Comfort Sweater

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The Aleah Wares infused comfort sweater features plenty of practical features, including:

  • Our patent-pending easy-off Velcro system. From chills to hot flashes, you’ll never feel confined in our infused comfort sweater. Our innovative magnetic closures allow you to easily slip in and out of the sweater, regardless of your tubing situation.
  • Easy access for picc lines, IVs, central lines, ports, and blood draws
  • Inner pockets created to accommodate heating packs as well as tubes and drainage after breast surgery
  • Specially designed openings allow you to stay warm during healing, by allowing just enough room for your tubing while still providing the warmth of full sleeves.

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