Infused Comfort Collection

Our infused comfort collection features plenty of practical features, including:

  • Aleah Wares unique easy-off magnet system. Innovative magnetic closures allow simple removable. A specialized combination of magnets and velcro means the sweater can be removed without disconnecting from any treatment. 
  • Easy access for picc lines, IVs, central lines, or even blood draws. Accessibility on both sides of the body allows for flexibility when placing intravenous lines. 
  • Specially designed openings allow you to stay warm during healing, by allowing just enough room for your tubing while still providing the warmth of full sleeves

From chills to hot flashes, you’ll never feel confined in our infused comfort collection. The one-of-a-kind design accommodates outpatient hospital stays and long-term infusion therapies alike. With many personalization options, our infused comfort sweatshirt is a perfect gift option for all the warriors in your life.